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Lab CentrifugesModern lab centrifuges come with advanced several features, helping laboratories to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. Useful for a wide variety of applications in clinical and scientific laboratories, a centrifuge spins liquid samples at high speed for the effective separation of sample components to help in diagnosis and treatment. With the advancement in technologies, new models have entered the market with manufacturers offering systems featuring state-of-the-art technology to enhance functionality and results.

Centrifuges for Laboratories – Superior Features

Many modern centrifuges are designed to enhance efficiency in different types of environment such as labs and doctors’ offices. This laboratory equipment is essential for numerous clinical laboratory applications including separation of biomolecules, insoluble compounds, or cells of varying density from specific solutions. Though features vary among models, the main features that industry leading laboratory centrifuges offer are

  • Self centering drive
  • Programmable operation
  • Various indicator lights
  • Timer, hold and brake
  • Option of automatic and manual modes
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Adjustable speed setting
  • Micro-processor control
  • Built-in-timer
  • CFC-free operation
  • Refrigeration option
  • Simple on or off switch
  • LED display of operating parameters
  • Auto rate control setting for density gradient work
  • Angular velocity and time/min knob
  • RCF mode for g force calculation
  • Built-in automatic temperature calculation

Models with a direct drive system ensure trouble-free service for a longer time period. High capacity centrifuges could be used for applications which demand large volume sample separation. Other impressive features that modern devices come with include integral aerosol and splash protection, removable line cord, automatic and shutdown.

Popular Lab Centrifuge Models

Models vary in speed, capacity and features and it is up to you to choose a model that is handy, flexible and efficient for your lab settings. Some of the models from top manufacturers are:

  • LW Scientific C-5 Swing-out, 8-place (4ml-15ml), digital controls, 5000 rpms
  • Unico PowerSpin MX 50mL Horizontal Centrifuge
  • Beckman Coulter- Beckman TJ-6
  • IEC Centra 8R
  • Sorvall RC-5C
  • Block Scientific Octafuge Plus Centrifuge
  • LWS Universal 6-place SWING, 3-15ml tube, digital time / speed, ZERO Lock
  • Clay Adams Serofuge 2002

Leading manufacturers also offer refurbished models from top dealers. A refurbished lab equipment offers the same privileges as a new product as it goes through stringent refurbishments and quality checks before it is offered for sale at a price that is much lower than new.

Reliable Lab Equipment Supplier

Always choose a reliable, established lab equipment supplier for the purchase of your lab centrifuges. This offers many benefits: there would be a wide inventory of models with advanced features and you have flexibility to choose a model that suits your requirements. You could purchase the branded products from top manufacturers at a competitive price tag. Established dealers would ensure installation services, timely delivery, convenient payment modes, and efficient maintenance services.

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Chemistry lab equipment includes a wide variety of devices, from autoclaves, centrifuges, blood gas analyzers, co-oximeters, gamma counters, and flow cytometers to microscopes, pipettes, incubators, sterilizers, and more. Today, the Internet has made shopping for lab equipment easy. You can enter an online store at the click of the mouse, browse the store from the comfort of your home or office, view products and prices, and purchase the devices you need with just a few more clicks.  However, online purchase of chemistry lab equipment can pose hassles if you don’t go about it the right way. Here are some tips to make your task easier.

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Abbott Cell Dyn 1700

Abbott Cell Dyn 1700Hematology analyzers help in the analysis of blood cells and count and platelet enumeration. They are also used to determine the presence and type of different non-cellular and cellular elements in blood and body fluids. Leading laboratory equipment suppliers offer both new and recertified models of hematology analyzers. Recertified instruments are a very affordable alternative to purchasing new and an ideal option for labs with budget limitations. The Cell Dyn 1700 from Abbott Diagnostics is popular model known for its accuracy and precision.

Cell Dyn 1700 is used in a wide variety of applications in clinical labs such as hematology research, data management, and simplification of data interpretation tasks. This lab device delivers optimum results to meet the ever-changing and diverse needs of demands of today’s laboratory environment.

Abbott Cell Dyn 1700 – Impressive Features

This hematology analyzer model provides for even small hematological sampling of (30 µL), either in closed-tube or open sampling forms. Cell Dyn 1700 features an in-built computer with hard drive and color monitor. It takes only about 60 seconds to deliver a complete blood count (CBC). It can store 5,000 specimen data with graphics. This is a reliable and easy-to-use device that provides quick access to accurate test results. With low maintenance cost, this advanced lab instrument comes with the following features:

  • Three-part leukocyte differential
  • Patient name and comments on report
  • Optional closed sampling system
  • Graphical display with three histograms
  • Comprehensive diagnostic messages
  • Color display with full keyboard

Purchase of Recertified Equipment from an Online Lab Equipment Store

Purchase of the recertified Abbott Cell Dyn 1700 Hematology Analyzer from a reputable online laboratory equipment store would ensure the best deal. Recertified devices are put through a comprehensive refurbishment process before they are offered for sale. Factory trained technicians disassemble, replace, repair, and visually inspect the device for quality and ensure that the equipment is recertified to meet original manufacturer’s specifications. A reliable supplier can offer the analyzer at a competitive price and also ensure extended warranty for recertified devices along with service contracts, timely delivery, material service visits, in-house service. They would also offer professional installation to ensure safe and smooth functioning, equipment familiarization sessions following installation and preventive Maintenance (PM) service contracts. This makes recertified hematology analyzers a very economical option for laboratories with budget constraints. Reliable dealers may also make the requisite reagents, controls, and consumables available.

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Medical and research labs need a wide range of laboratory equipment to perform routine and advanced applications. Only a reputable lab equipment supplier can offer quality products to meet their needs.

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ChemWell 2910Chemistry analyzers are used to analyze blood and body fluid samples for bilirubin, albumin, creatinine, magnesium, uric acid, calcium, inorganic phosphorus or assays of thyroid. Branded products for medical laboratories feature advanced technology and can provide accurate and timely results. Manufactured by Awareness Technology, Inc., ChemWell 2910 is an open and easy to program system that can set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit specific medical laboratory needs. Users can select from a wide selection of monitoring and reporting styles. In order to deliver more accurate and precise results, the device includes precise pipetting of low volume specimens, careful control of temperature, and elimination of carryover.

ChemWell 2910 Chemistry Analyzer – Features

With a complete open system, ChemWell 2910 can easily program additional wash volume, increase the number of washes, direct the probe to pick up, and dispense a probe cleaning solution after each specimen. It can make pre-dilutions. This is often not essential as a high precision level is achieved with a 2uL sample. The other important features of the ChemWell 2910 are as follows –

  • Typical throughput – Up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour, up to 170 kinetic reactions per hour
  • Typical reaction volume – 200µ L or less
  • Set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, even index calculations to match individual laboratory requirements.
  • Self-monitoring mechanics and optics
  • Reaction Volume <250uL
  • QC tracking
  • Probe washes inside and out washes
  • No custom disposables required
  • No carry-over
  • Long-life IAD filters
  • Liquid sensing probe tip
  • Level-sensing wash, rinse, and waste bottles
  • Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples
  • Edit standard curves
  • Dimensions – 36.25″(92.1cm) width, 18.75″(47.6cm) height, 21.5″(54.6cm) depth.
  • Creates automatic service reports
  • Auto-dilute and retest for over-range samples
  • Approximate weight – 80 lbs (36 Kg)
  • 8-well wash head
  • Process EIA at ambient temperature or 37°C
  • Completely password protected

The chemistry analyzer also comes with an optional reagent cooling accessory (RCA) which protects reagents from ambient heat. The removable racks can be refrigerated and then pre-loaded to make it ready for the next use.

Buy From a Reliable laboratory Equipment Supplier

The best option when it comes to purchasing the ChemWell 2910 chemistry analyzer is an online laboratory equipment store. You can view the image of the product and examine its features and specifications in detail. A reliable supplier would offer this analyzer at a price much lower than new. Placing an order and making payment is easy. Reputable dealers will provide excellent post-sales support including repair and maintenance services.

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Rather than investing heavily in new devices, clinical laboratories have a more budget-friendly option – purchasing refurbished lab equipment. Let’s see why this is a feasible alternative.

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